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Struggling to turn your expertise into a marketable product?

You've dreamed of earning multiple income streams. You feel like there must be a way to make more money without working longer days. Without trading more time for money.You've seen others productize their expertise. They package and sell their knowledge inside online courses, ebooks, and templates. Products they build once and sell forever.But when it comes to launching your own offers, you don't know where to begin.What if you choose the wrong niche? What if you waste your time?
What if no one values what you create? What if no one buys?
And then your doubts kicks in...

I don't know what to prioritize

I'm not an expert in anything

I don't have an audience

I don't know how to sell

Ready to evolve from expert to entrepreneur?

The Productizer Co-Pilot

Turn your knowledge into products that multiply your income

Use the included activities, examples, and instructional videos to brainstorm your breakthrough product ideas. Uncover real opportunities to earn an extra $10,000 per month. Move one giant step closer to financial freedom.

How it works

The Productizer Co-Pilot is divided into 3 sets of activities. You'll work on the activities in your own private workspace that I've designed for you.Each set of activities uses carefully-crafted prompts and thought-provoking exercises to short-circuit your imposter syndrome, produce aha moments, and unveil product ideas that feel like bolts of lightning.You'll also receive instructional videos and examples to support you throughout and ensure your success.By the end, you'll be one HUGE step closer to scaling your income, and all of the dreams that come with it.

Part 1: Dream

To reach your dreams, you not only need to know what they are, but how you'll get there.You'll get clear on the reasons pushing you to act. You'll capture your doubts and concerns so that you're free to move past them. You'll decide what you'll need to say 'no' to. Now, you're ready to start working on your dreams.

Part 2: Decide

If you're like most people, it's difficult to see the knowledge, skills, and expertise you've accumulated over the years. That's called Solomon's Paradox.Finally, you'll have the support and structure to guide you through uncovering the right topic, niche, and format for you to productize.

Part 3: Define

This is where your dream moves from impossible and abstract to real and concrete.You'll use the included prompts and activities to define your customer, product, and pricing. Then you'll map out the exact path to get your product in your customer's hands. Expect to exit feeling a wave of excitement.

Start productizing your expertise

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  • Helpful examples

  • Instructional videos

  • Money-back guarantee

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  • Live walkthrough & AMA

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The Productizer Co-Pilot launches on May 31, 2024. It will cost $199.By joining the waitlist, you'll only pay $97. You'll also receive all waitlist bonuses.These discounts + bonuses disappear after launch.

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